The Eugene Health and Performance Foundation, incorporated in March 2001 as a 501c3 non-profit foundation, is located in Eugene, Oregon.


  1. Teaching Students
  2. Guiding Runners
  3. Coaching Athletes
  4. Sharing Knowledge
  5. Disseminating Research
  6. Conducting Studies


Since its founding in 2001 by Dr. Richard L. Brown, the Eugene Health and Performance Foundation (EHP) has worked to help people live healthier, more productive lives. We are committed to sharing the positive benefits of physical activity and work toward these inter-related goals:

  • Provide information to children, parents and schools regarding fitness, nutrition, and physical activity.
  • In conjunction with the Lydiard Foundation, provide training programs to adults.
  • Select and develop post high school young women to compete at a high international level in running events.
  • Share fitness and training information with adults, coaches, parents, and track athletes throughout the United States.
  • Collect and disseminate health and performance related research.
  • Conduct health and performance related research.

Eugene Health and Performance currently engages in five projects that support its mission:

  • A pilot study using MyPE and cooperating with schools and institutions to increase the number of minutes 3rd, 4th and 5th graders participate in physical activity each week.
  • A partnership with the Lydiard Foundation to promote and share safe, scientifically sound training protocols with coaches and runners at every level.
  • A program training promising, young, female athletes to compete at the international level.
  • A subscription service, OregonPDF, that collects and disseminates theses and dissertations in health and performance to universities around the world.
  • A research project studying the impact of electrical grounding on the body's ability to reduce levels of free radicals in the body.